Betty Blue Bistro (Hermanus, South Africa)

Every trip, we hope to find that one place where we yearn to go back a second time, or even a third time. This time, we found Betty Blue Bistro in Hermanus. 

The interior is splashed in bright colours and is radiating positive energy. Lots of natural light filled the bistro. It is the perfect place to have a relaxing breakfast / lunch.

We first ordered the Red Juice - Beetiful (R45) which consisted of beetroot, carrot, orange and mint. The refreshing fruit juice came in a huge glass which was enough for both of us to share.

There is a Betty's Choice of the Day on the menu, which happened to be Fishcakes (R85). I was at first a little apprehensive as I didn't know what to expect. It turned out to be like crab cakes, and is essentially deep fried breaded fish meat, accompanied with salad. The salad comprises a variety of quality ingredients, including avocado, instead of the usual garden salad that plays second fiddle to the main dish.

My husband ordered the Spinach Pancake (R95), with the interior loaded with chicken and bacon, and drizzled with hollandaise sauce.

We typically do not splurge on breakfast. However, we knew that there was no way we were going to leave Hermanus without going to Betty Blue a second time. After a morning kayak session where we saw some seals, we headed back to Betty Blue.

This time, we ordered the Lemon Meringue Pancake (R57). Smooth lemon curd cream was encased within the pancake topped with little blobs of meringue. This was accompanied by a scoop of ice cream. Perfect balance of sweetness and tartness.

We decided to balance the meal with something more healthy and ordered the Cinnamon Oats (R65) which consisted of oats, sweet poached guava, sliced almonds and cinnamon. If oats were this good all the time, everybody will be eating oats! We are no stranger to oats but this really breathed new life into the otherwise old boring oats.

After we had a dish each, we told ourselves- is this really all?


We opted for something savoury for a change and ordered a Red Breakfast (R85) which consisted of shakshuka and two beautifully poached eggs. While this was good, it was missing the surprise factor that other dishes had given us thus far.

By this time, we were deciding whether to go for a fourth dish for breakfast, just for the two of us.

But we figured that the weighing scale may shock us and left reluctantly.

Beautiful, honest and value for money food, with a creative twist to the dishes.

Betty Blue Bistro
126 Main Road
Hermanus, South Africa
Tel No: +27 28 125 0037