Bushido: Itsunagi Ito

I knew a guy who was typically found outside of a bar at last call taking off his shirt and fighting for whatever dim reason rattled around his brain pan. Itsunagi is not that guy. He never put on a shirt to take off to begin with. And he is a clinical killer. That's why he wears the smirk of a guy who knows his opponent is already dead and what that means in the schemes of Itsunagi's machinations.

This sculpt is incredible. Assembly was good. I had to trim and gap fill his right arm to make his bicep look right. It was a very clean cast.

When I looked at this box set I left him for last, knowing all that flesh that needs painting would either be something I got into or just sorta mailed in. I decided to spend time getting into it.

Last night was his first game and if I recall correctly, he killed Wasapu from Silvermoon Syndicate outright and stood down a poisoned Manu until Chiyo moved in for the coup-de-grace. Badass.

And with Itsunagi finished, the Ito box set is done.