Countdown Ti 2013-Snacks And Appetizers

It is day 4 of Countdown to 2013 hosted by Sno White over at Finding Joy in My Kitchen.  I don't have many posts in either category, but I did post a few dip recipes.

 Easy Homemade Dip Mixes
This is a post to make homemade dip mixes.  There are recipes for Onion/Cheese, Curry, Bacon and Taco Dip Mixes here.
Green Onion Dip
A tasty dip made with my perpetual green onions.
Homemade Boursin Cheese
The homemade version of this popular cheese is less expensive, cheaper, and the herbs and seasonings can be adjusted for personal taste.
 Loaded Pizza Grilled Cheese
The sandwiches can be cut into smaller amounts and served as hot appetizers.
Dilled Ranch Dip
Love ranch dressing, love dill.  Putting them together gives me the best of both worlds.  
Remember there is still time to join in tomorrow and post your list of desserts from 2012.  
I am linking up to Countdown to 2013.