Did Class 95 FM Morning Express Wastes Food For Fun?

So about a week ago, Glenn Ong from Class 95 was creamed in the face with a pie. It all began with a meaningless bet between him and Joe Augustine.

Watch the action below.

This week, it is Joe's turn to be punished with meatballs and it got me all riled up. I am sure there are many  other ways to do forfeit like washing the company car or even hosting the show in drags for a week but of all ways, why food?Meatballs waiting to be wasted

Watch the action below.

Hilarious? I hope it made their day. Some children from developing nations might not even survive to see another sunrise.
While there are people condemning the act on Class 95's Facebook, there are many more who obviously enjoyed and sided the segment. It is disturbing how some people find it "fun" and there are others who call it "entertainment".

According to World Vision, 7000 children under the age of 5 die of hunger every single day. How does that seem okay?

Class 95, please stop this immature game of wasting food. As radio personalities, Joe and Glenn have the social responsibility to set an example for the public. What message are they imparting to the young, impressionable minds listening to their program?

I am not sure why the radio station thinks it is okay for the two DJs and the crew to carry out such deplorable acts?

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