It is my second time here even though I'm not a burgers person. You won't find your usual chicken or beef burgers here. This place is a specialised pork burger restaurant. 
We asked the guy at the counter what was good and he said that the Stevo was good. Apple sauce on roasted port belly slices. Mmmmmm! BUT it was sold out! We will be back for it. 

We settled for a Kaiju ($12), pork patty with mushrooms, with sauce made from a combination of shiitake, champignon and paddy straw mushrooms. I love mushrooms and this place didn't disappoint at all with its thick pork patty with a generous portion of mushrooms. Considering that the price includes fries and a drink, (and that the food is pretty good too), it is rather value for money.

Service was excellent. I seldom say that about a place, simply because there aren't many places with excellent service. But here, the people know what they are talking about, they are friendly, they are helpful- everything that will draw us back to this place.

72 Circular Road
Tel No: 6438 4410