Envy Lacquer Bath & Body Products: Soap Envy Jelly Soap & Whipped Soap

Morning beauts!  Since I seem to be on a roll with body care products I figured I'd keep it going with a few products from Envy Lacquer.  Ok here's the deal though, I purchased these from the Indie Shop San Francisco which was back in August or September of 2017.  Yes, I still have untried stuff from then, but these I tried almost immediately because they were so interesting.  I've just been too swamped with deadlines to post them.  The Envy brand is currently being revamped so the website is empty at the moment but there's an ETA of March 24th to reopen with products, including the Whipped Soap and Jell Soap, YAY!  I totally suggest you try them out as I really enjoyed both.  Even Naomi got quite a laugh from the jiggly soap and it made shower time pretty fun!  And keep an eye on the Indie Shop Page for upcoming events (the March event is sold out).  
*press sample*
Envy Lacquer: Website/Shop, Facebook, InstagramThe Indie Shop: Facebook
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