On June 8th, 2015 at about 4:01 p.m. Officers from the Hartford Police Department responded the vicinity of Central Row and Market Street on a call for service regarding a demonstration, “Black Lives Matter”.  This demonstration included an act of civil disorder by the participants who held hands while standing in the crosswalk blocking eastbound and westbound vehicular traffic on Central Row, greatly impeding travel during the traditional onset of the evening commute.  Additional Hartford Police personnel were requested and responded.  The demonstrators were given orders to disperse by Hartford Police which were ignored.  Seventeen demonstrators volunteered to be arrested.  The arrests were made without further incident.  Each of the seventeen individuals arrested were transported to booking, processed, with bond set at $5,000.00 each on a single charge of Disorderly Conduct.  Court dates have been set for June 17th, 2015.
The seventeen demonstrators arrested are listed below
Alan L. Benford, age 54 of Manchester, CT. 
Anthony L. Bennett, age 49, of Bridgeport, CT. 
Sofia W. Buyniski, age 59, of Colchester, CT. 
Jan M. Carlsson-Bull, age 72, of Middletown, CT 
Debra Cohen, age 63, of Wethersfield, CT. 
Christopher J. Doucot, age 47, of Hartford, CT. 
Vanessa Gonzalez, age 40, of West Hartford, CT. 
Brian M. Kavanagh, age 71, of Hartford, CT. 
Cornell Lewis, age 65, of Bloomfield, CT.  
Robin McHaelen, age 60, of Manchester, CT. 
Matthew B. Mclaughlin, age 30, of Hartford, CT. 
Jessica Offir, age 50, of Coventry, CT. 
Joshua M. Paweler, age 46, of Glastonbury, CT.
John L. Selders, age 52, of Hartford, CT.  
Angela Swagner, age 64, of Kensington, CT. 
Oshun-Anna M. Vicente, age 46, of Hartford, CT. 
Michael T. Walton, age 39, of Bridgeport, CT.