Guest Post From The Mani-Logues

Good morning lovelies!  As you know by now I am on a vacation with my family so I'm taking a short break from blogging while I tour around some beautiful European cities.  I've got some wonderful friends in the nail polish world that offered to help me out and cover some days for me so my blog didn't go silent.  Today I have a great post from Casandra at The Mani-Logues to share.  Cassandra isn't just a blogger - she's also a polish. makeup and body product maker (pssst her scrubs are the best I've ever tried), here's the link to her shop Wishful Bath & Beauty.  Back to the post - WOW this polish is amazing and the stamping is subtle and pretty!  Please make sure to follow Casandra on her Facebook page.  Now let's check out polish!
Here's a collage of some of beautiful manis from The Mani-Logues!

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