Well, 5:00pm on Monday has come and gone and Eddie Perez is still Hartford's Mayor. No letter of resignation has been submitted or received by Council President Pedro Segarra.

If Hartford is going to begin rebuilding any confidence as a viable city, this can not be allowed to continue. Hartford is now being run by a convicted felon. No longer "allegedly", no longer "apparently", Eddie Perez is a criminal, a convicted felon.

The Hartford City Council needs to act immediately and decisively to remove Perez at the earliest possible opportunity. Any indecisiveness or ambiguity by the Council will send the wrong message. It has been a long and painful process but a huge opportunity to take back Hartford and move in a positive direction has been placed at our doorstep. To squander that opportunity by being allowed to be held hostage by Perez and any demands will be almost as criminal as Perez's acts that he was convicted of.

The Hartford City Council needs to act immediately and with a clear and unified voice and make a statement to developers, business owners, residents and anyone else able to listen that it is a new day in Hartford.

In the true spirit of Hartford's motto "After the clouds the sun", the dark clouds brought over Hartford by Eddie Perez are parting and the sun will soon be shining on a new day in Hartford.