Labor Of Love

Mexico calling has been a labor of love. It has gotten more attention from me the closer Bev and I were to moving to San Miguel. That decision was long in coming, the move to Mexico. We spent all of February in San Miguel, flew back to Portland, loaded a lot of stuff in the Clampett mobile (seen left fully loaded)  and drove back down to San Miguel - 3,300 miles, arriving on March 29th. Tomorrow marks a whole month at Casa Sundance. I have never been happier.

I want to thank you dear readers for following along. A year ago a total of 574 people visited Mexico Calling in April. This April we had record traffic; 2420 people checked in, almost a 400% increase in traffic. My hope is to keep you entertained so even more people come to see what I'm observing about places in Mexico and the culture.