Liang Zhao Ji Duck Rice 梁照记

Located next to Hoover Rojak is the equally famous Liang Zhao Ji Duck Rice 梁照记. The difference between both of them is that the queue moves a lot slower for the duck rice. 

I ordered the $3 portion of Duck Rice. I have no clue what kind of rice this is- is this white rice soaked in braising sauce or is this yam rice? In any case, I really liked the flavour of the rice with the sauce. The portion was also rather generous. However, the duck was a little tough. The accompanying chilli sauce was very appetising though- slightly spicy and sour!

Liang Zhao Ji Duck Rice 梁照记
Whampoa Drive Food Centre
Blk 90 Whampoa Drive
Tel No: 9450 0893
Opening Hours:
Mon- Sun: 10.30 am - 6 pm
(Closed on Tues)