Meatless Monday: Boothby Blonde Heirloom Cucumber

This Monday, rather than featuring a recipe, we'd like to talk about trying new things. Amy never was a big fan of vegetables, but over the years has gradually come to love them. Well, many of them. And a big part of that came simply out of trying them, either for the first time, or with fresh eyes (or tastebuds, as it were).
At yesterday's farmers' market, we found this heirloom cucumber from Maine that we had never seen before. It is the size of a pickling cucumber and has whitish-yellow skin with creamy white and light green tones on the inside. The skin is slightly bitter, the texture crisp, and the flesh has a delicately sweet flavor. We ate ours out of hand, but bet these would be great pickling cukes.
Here's to trying new things!