Photography Series: A Look At The 'Secret Lives' Of Public Pool Swimmers

Jason Christopher, personal trainer

Los Angeles-based director and photographer Judy Starkman is a regular at her city’s public pool, and was always fascinated with the metamorphosis that her fellow swimmers undergo as they arrive at the pool, finish their swim, then change up to leave.

This led her to create a public art project titled ‘The Secret Life of Swimmers’, where she photographed her fellow swimmers at the pool and then in their day jobs. She then put the photos side by side for comparison.

This insightful look at the people who go to the public pool shows us that regardless of age, body shape or size, or occupation, every person at the pool is stripped down to the bare essential swimsuit, revealing that everyone is just human after all.

Teri Muttera, art collector

Renee R., museum textile conservator

Jack Gross, retired Air Force pilot

Daniel Dobbs, firefighter

Barry Shore, entrepreneur

[via Judy Starkman]