Riverside Indonesian BBQ

Since the chicken-egg problem has puzzled people over centuries, to decide which came first, just grab a heap of salt and randomly throw it to see whether it lands on the chicken or the egg!

I have a love-hate relationship with the Ayam Panggang ($5.50, takeaway) at Riverside Indonesian BBQ. Love it, because of the sweet black sauce. Hate it because of the inconsistencies. In the years I have eaten here, there are two things that keep changing- price and consistency of the food. The price seems to be hiking all the time. That's secondary, as long as the food remains good.

But the food quality here seems to be fluctuating all the time as well. I have eaten the Ayam Panggang close to 10 times and from my memories, the standards from the last two times and today's are different. While the egg the last two times was too salty and the chicken was fine, the chicken was salty today and the egg was fine.

Anyway, the chicken (disregarding the saltiness) is super yummy! The chicken is large (compared to those scrawny chickens you get in other places), with tender meat, but a little too charred for my liking (but don't take that as a bad point, because it's meant to be grilled). And I like the black sauce the most, goes great with both the chicken and the rice. The chilli with ikan billis is pretty good because of the sweetness, although it's not spicy at all.

The day both the chicken and egg cease to be salty, I'll head down to buy some 4D or Toto!

Riverside Indonesian BBQ
Plaza Singapura
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Kopitiam Food Court
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