Sang Kee Congee 生记粥品 (Hong Kong)

I love eating porridge from Dim Sum restaurants and decided to head down to Sang Kee Congee to have a bowl of its famous fish porridge. Open for over 40 years, the crowd inside is unlike the breakfast crowd you see at a normal cha chan teng. The shop space is very small and people just quietly slurp their porridge, unlike the noisy crowd in a cha chan teng

The soup stock, made of lean pork bones and dry scallop is simmered for four hours. The rice porridge is then made by Thai rice and bean curd sticks in the stock for at least another three hours. Unfortunately, I didn't taste all that flavour when I ate the Fish Porridge (27 HKD). 
Furthermore, I would have preferred it if the fish was in larger chunks instead of being in small pieces. A small bowl of fresh ginger and soya sauce acted as a complement to the porridge. The You Tiao (Deep fried crumpler) (5 HKD) was kind of disappointing because it was cold. It was easy to tell why because many bowls were filled with you tiao and just left in the open. 

The congee is a lot thinner than I'm used to. I'm guessing that with different cooking styles for congee, you either love it or be indifferent about it. I'm the latter and found this place overhyped, but it's more of a personal preference thing.

Sang Kee Congee 生记粥品
G/F 7-9 Burd Street, Sheung Wan
Closed on Sundays 
Sheung Wan MTR Station, Exit A2
Tel No: 2541 1099