Silken Tofu With Ginger Syrup-Tau Hu Nuoc Duong, Dau Hu Nuoc Duong

    Here again, another homemade is not working to make at home after counting labor work if you want to save money.  This recipe  adapted from Andrea Nguyen book " Asian Tofu"," the Tofu Book" of  William Shurtleff. 
Silken tofu
3 cups rick soy milk at room temperature. Recipe is in yesterday post.
1/2 teaspoon Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt)
2 Tbp water.
A big bowl or several ramekins with straight wall
Sweet Ginger Sauce
1/2cup brown sugar of your choice (dark, light, granulated or round, square shape, etc. )
1 small piece of ginger (a little bit bigger than you thumb), crushed or thinly sliced
1/2 cup water

 Boiling water in a pot.  Mix magnesium sulfate or other coagulators (see note) with water. Then add to soy milk, stir gently to mix the coagulator into the milk, pour into the molds.  Rearrange mold/s in a large pot, add boiling water around the mold to milk level. Cover with a large towel over the pot (to catch the moisture) and put the lid atop the towel .  Wrap all the towel edge up above the lid.  Simmer on  low heat for 10 minutes for small ramekins, 30 minutes for large mold.  Check for the doneness like jello texture.  Be gentle because the silken tofu is very soft, do not move or shake the mold until it is set. Let the magic happens between the protein of soy milk and coagulator 's intimate time- undisturbed sign needed.  Remove from the pot, serve warm or let it cool down to room temperature,  put it in the fridge and enjoy a cold silken tofu later. You can serve silken tofu in the setting ramekin or unmold it to a small bowl. While the tofu is setting, make the syrup.  Place ginger, water and sugar in a small saucepan.  Bring it to a boil over medium high heat, stir occasionally.  Then simmer a few more minutes, the sauce will start thicken and fragrant. Remove from the heat.Ladle a few Tbs of ginger syrup with ginger pieces over silken tofu.  You may serve with your favorite syrup or honey.  If you want to serve silken tofu from a big mold like Vietnamese. It is served thinly slices. The vendor back home use a thin round spoon, and slice the tofu  from the surface horizontally. A tip I learn form Mrs. Routhier that we can use a pizza cutter or a can lid to do the job. The vendors make them in a huge pot which is larger then any home stock pots you see here. I do not know how they make tofu set in that pot. Maybe someday, I come back home and learn from these masters. Other bloggers reported:  mixing hot milk with coagulation mixture did not work. How about adding flour to cooked milk? *Note:  another coagulators can be purchase online and use with the same amount as Magnesium Chloride (Nigari) or Calcium Sulfate (Thach Cao, Gypsum). Epsom Salt can be purchase at local store.  Look for the pure Epsom Salt 100%.  It is safe to use, it is used as medicine for laxative with a larger amount, etc..  Gypsum are used in brewing business and have better quality than at Asian stores.  If you live close to Chinese Pharmacies they carry it too.

 This bowl I made with store bought silken tofu.  Its texture is very smooth and coagulator was used is Magnesium Chloride.  I will try someday?