Stella Chroma; Summer Diversions, Summer 2018 & Where The Sky Meets The Ocean, Stella Chromatics FB Group Custom

Morning friends!  Hope you got enough beauty rest last night.  My kids are hanging on by a nail at this point...Summer is SO close!  I am pretty much over the whole morning routine anyways so I am happy for the break.  Plus it means there are going to be so many gorgeous, bright Summer polishes to share with you!  I've already started with a post last week and today I have another for you.  Stella Chroma put together a great rainbow of colors and called it the Summer Diversions Collection.  You'll be able to pick up the Summer Diversions on 6/15....almost time!  In this post I also have the Facebook fan group custom, Where the Sky Meets the Ocean.  You'll only be able to purchase this if you are a member of the Facebook fan group.  Where the Sky Meets the Ocean will also be available on 6/15.  All polishes will be $12 and you can start buying at noon EST.  And remember to use my code MNPO for 15% off your total order.  
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