Stop...! Hammer Time

Yeah, I know, the title was inevitable. It mugged my forebrain, took control of my typing fingers and forced me to do it's bidding. Why was the title inevitable? Because the Hammerer's are finished!

These are some of the hardest troops in the Dwarf army. At WS 5 and with a base strength of 4, rising to 6 with the great weapons they tear through most things that the Warhammer world has to offer. Their heavy armoured, toughness 4 torsos can certainly soak the damage too and with the shields I bought them they have a 50:50 chance of ignoring most missile fire on the way in. Add a lord and these chaps also become stubborn. Dayum. The downside is that they are not cheap. 277 Points for the unit you see above. You have to win combats on wounds caused as you aren't ever going to be outnumbering the foe - unless they're Ogres, or Chaos I guess.

I've kept the shields fairly plain and utilitarian, much like the thunderers' shield fence. Most of the Hammerers are metal and leather with only the sleeves giving colour. I continued to use painted helmets to add a little more army colour and the large shields help to bind them to the army.

Along those lines, the banner is the most visible source of the army colouring. I wanted to keep the nautical theme going and so hunted around on the intertubes until I found a nice celtic anchor design. Add to that the Stormborne name and the household guards banner of the former shipping magnates is complete. Now sharp eyed readers will have spotted a gaping hole in the front rank. That is for their boss, and he is the subject of my next post...

Until then: