Strange Aeons: Scene Of Horror, Scratch Built Flesh-Eating Spirit Tree

I really should've installed a bloody treehouse in this one... maybe I can tackle that later. Here is my latest Scene of Horror for Strange Aeons. It is not as dramatic as previous ones posted here on Sarcophagi but once you see his face, it's dramatic enough for a large, flesh-eating tree spirit.

This was a craft store Halloween tree I picked up at some point. It is huge and dominates the trees on my tables, so it seemed fitting that it be a flesh-eating beast tree. That said, I wanted him to sorta lurk in the forest and not be too brazen.

I sculpted the face with Apoxy Sculpt. After sculpting I sprayed the whole tree with texture paint to blend the face in to the rest of the tree. His roots are acrylic caulk, since the tree didn't really have roots and I thought it needed it for symmetry.

From there, it was a matter of paint, basing and building the canopy out of pottery mesh sprayed black and then hit with spray adhesive to attach the dark green flock. I then strung it out on the branches and that's all she wrote.

I like that I can use him as a Scene of Horror or just have him lurking in pics. He looks good in Bushido too!

Here's some WIP below.