Super Dungeon Explore: Riftling Rogue

Riftling Rogue: Still can't photograph her hair detail, which is missing here.
 It's so funny, these SDE figs. I underestimated them. Go too big on paint style and they start to look weird. Not enough and they look unfinished. The trick is you have to paint exactly to the sculpt which is new to me. I can hear people argue with me now that it's true of all figs but I disagree. So many minis I've painted, you had to paint past the sculpt to get it to sing. Or you just let the sculpt do the work with local light and you use the paint to accentuate the form. There really is a balance to observe with these damn that is hard for me to recognize. So I painted the Rogue in a sorta cel-shade style. She is done for now since the goal is all-painted and table-top standard. I did not give her the signature eye flare reflection becuase I wanted her eyes to be sorta glowing-looking.

Given that this game was  bought "for the kids" and yet we are all playing it, part of the balance is the kids will be manhandling the figs like crazy so I'm not going nuts with paint either.