Super Dungeon Explore WIP: Assembly And WTF

Good Lord. Okay, got my kids Super Dungeon Explore for Christmas (shhhhhhhh), nonchalant about getting the minis together and painted before December 25th.
What the hell was I thinking.
So, two nights of assembly down… all-in-all, not bad on that front but damn that’s a lot of figs. I needed 2 tubes of super glue and a thumb-sized cake of greenstuff to get it all together, which isn't bad... a testimony to how well engineered this figs are, which is REALLY awesome. Total assembly time: 4 hours. 
I had to dip some models in boiling water to bend them into position: Ember Mage, some Kobold spears, Barbarian axe, Palidan sword and parts of the dragon. Total correction time: less than 15 minutes.
I’ll be using my own modified dip method for this, it’s the only shot at getting it all done.Over the next few nights, cleaning, some gap filling, soap and water then  prep for priming.