Tandy Martin - The Heart Of The Silence

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Ben Pietra birthday at his house out in the country. As we were leaving,  Bev and I met a woman who claimed to be a psychic and a Tarot card reader. I am fascinated by all things a little kilter. When our friends get together, we exchange stories about strange occurrences in our lives: ever seen a ghost? ever had an ESP experience? do you see auras? do you know people who can tell you your future?

Anyway, we met Tandy Martin on the way out and were immediately fascinated by a Tarot card reading, so we made an appointment to have our cards read for 500 pesos each.

For me, Tandy didn't immediately start with the cards, She wanted to know if there was a question I had for her.

I wanted to know if there was anything holding me back from achieving my goals. She turned over a card and it was a Happiness card. What she told me is subject to my memory and my interpretation of her words. Ok?

What I got was Bev and I made a decision four years ago to pack up and move from Portland, OR to San Miguel de Allende. We are currently building a house and that causes us some stress, but the Happiness card is telling us we are happy and in a great place. Nothing to be worried about.

Tandy dealt out more cards. Soe may consider our conversation filled with "woo woo." She asked me what my soul wanted The answer I came up with was attuned to what was on my mind recently. Generally, am I the same person I was in Portland or have I changed. If I am the same person, what do I need, what does my soul need to be a bigger person.

Sometimes, I don't know the answers whether it is with the novel I've been working on or answers like what does my soul want. 

She said, "Why don't you ask?  Your father is right here over your left shoulder or your grandma Meme, who you were close to. " Both of whom have passed.

It's hard enough to ask for help, but I never considered asking for answers in that way.

I was blessed in meeting Tandy and blessed that she spent so much time with both of us.
Tandy is a writer and currently working on a film. Call her if you want an experience you won't forget and take a look at the trailer for her film:

The Heart of the Silence

When we listen from this heart of silence, we invite healing on the deepest level, welcoming everything just as it is. This is as true in our ordinary relationships as it is in the specialized relationship between therapist and client.

Encourage her to complete this work so the world can benefit.

Tandy's  phone is 703 935-9696