Vanilla, Dogs, & Chickens

I know what you're thinking.  What in the hell is this post going to be about and how do those three things relate?

Well, honestly, it's random, and they don't really relate at all!

A pharmacist I work with, Julie, just got back from a vacation in the Dominican Republic.  And guess what she brought back!  Some white vanilla for moi!  She totally didn't have to do that, but I appreciate her all the more!  Now I totally need some ideas for uses of it! 

And oh, here's a random picture of my dog eating peanut butter.  That's food-related right?

And last, but not least.  Chickens.  Louisville has a beautiful park along the Ohio River, Waterfront Park.  People go there to play Ultimate Frisbee in the big fields, there's always concerts and events, and well... people like me go to take pictures in front of chickens.  (There's a big art display of random chickens in a certain area of the park).  I was going through my Facebook pictures the other day - call it being nostalgic, and this was circa 2006 with my friend Tristan (who just had a baby not too long ago!) and whom I miss so much.  She lives in Indianapolis, so only about 2 hours away, but still!